A new seat for Netflix

A new seat for Netflix
19 January, 2017 ASCÉNDER

We finished 2016 with a great reference: Netflix selected our Space Max chair for the auditorium located at his headquarters of Las Gatos, California. This is the venue where the company makes his presentations and invites the employees to view the original programming: the first ever episode of House of Card was streamed here!

Our Space Max chairs were a key part of the renovation process of the hall: originally designed without chairs, then with lose chairs and finally with seats fixed to the floor. The selected model should not only provide a comfortable solution but also have the ability to adapt to the tight curve created by the architect.

Thanks to our chair the auditorium got the best possible comfort without compromising the clear seat way regulation: the envelope of the Space Max model is just 16cm in closed position and 62cm when the seat is pushed down to automatically move the back up & backwards. Additionally, the chairs manufactured for this project have individual configuration: each chair with two arms so they do not need to be shared.

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