Ascender launches a new sports seat design for general public

Ascender launches a new sports seat design for general public
21 March, 2014 ASCÉNDER
Standard Plastic Seating Qatar


Seat and Back: Two separate elements joint together by structural pins that are part of the back and are maintenance free. Produced in blow moulded high impact polypropylene, antistatic, with anti UV ray treatment. Injection moulding

Tip Up system: Tip up system by gravity which assures that the system will not need any special requirement for maintenance. Operating the tip up mechanism by gravity is the safest system in case of an emergency evacuation. Another advantage of the tip up mechanism is the minimum cleaning maintenance due to the fact that when the chair is not occupied it’s in a closed position preventing dirt. All the metallic parts are inserted inside the backrest to avoid spoilage and oxidation at the same time that difficult vandalism.

Fixing: Riser mounted

The outer surface is smooth without any edges or protruding parts to ensure user safety even in situations in which crowds surge forward or stadiums have to be quickly evacuated. The seats fold back by gravity which means that it folds automatically when it is not occupied.

The folding seat has been designed bearing in mind ergonomic requirements of users and anthropometrical data, providing great comfort even during long periods of sitting. The design is based on dimensions recommended by the IBV (Valencia Institute of Biomechanics) and different biomechanical, dimensional and comfort tests have been carried out.

Standards : 

  • 100% Recyclable, HD High‐quality Polypropylene.
  • Density : ISO 1183 : 0,9 g/cm3
  • Melt flow rate (MFR) (230oC/2.16 Kg) : ISO 1133 16 g/10 min
  • Melt Volume flow rate (230oC/2.16 Kg) : ISO 1133 22 g/10min
  • Fire behaviour classification M3 (M2, optional) UNE 23727.
  • Light Resistance Additive anti UV DIN 54003.
  • Bending strength according to standard DIN 53455.
  • Charpy impact strength according to standard DIN 53453.

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