Dr Jekyll & Mr HIDE for your multipurpose venue

Dr Jekyll & Mr HIDE for your multipurpose venue
5 June, 2016 ASCÉNDER

Believe or not, the concert hall of the Heino Eller Tartu Music College may change its configuration in some minutes: the 198 Stalls seats are mounted on a beam that has a railing system integrated into the floor of the venue. Thus, seats can move along this multipurpose hall depending on the necessities of every performance. The architects involved in this project,  Lea Järve-Eeronen and Erik Soasare from  Järve & Tuulik  as well as Anu Ahi from Koko proposed a pretty innovative solution for its new building: the music college might use the very same hall for various purposes instead of the primary idea of having just a concert hall!

The 95 years of history of this institution were not a problem when considering the most revolutionary proposal. Maximum capacity for a concert? then all rows are displayed. Half of the attendance for a master class where students & teachers may inter actuate in the same area? take out just some rows! A total empty space for a celebration? Then move all rows to the rear of the venue and conceal them behind the curtain!

You may have the auditorium, the biggest classroom in the building and the largest empty space in just one space. Is not this a real multipurpose venue?


The Stalls are is composed of 11 rows of 18 seats; each row has two groups of 9 chairs so the movement of the groups is easy and soft to be operated by just one person. Should another distribution be required, just take out the covers that hide the aluminum railing, unblock the safety brake and push the groups smoothly until its place of storage. Here the Rail system was designed for Space Plus chairs that are stored at the rear part of the hall. If needed our company can also provide you with the requirements for the storage of chairs under the stage!

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