Flexibility for the Muscat Civil Aviation Centre

Flexibility for the Muscat Civil Aviation Centre
8 January, 2020 ASCÉNDER

This impressive installation is located in Muscat, Oman: a fully automatic tribune supplied by our partner Hugon Tribunes  combined with a railing system located in front. Thus, the venue may have different configurations: a tribune totally deployed in the rear of the hall, only the seats located in front or both of them. Similarly, all chairs can be removed within minutes –  those chairs on rails can be concealed under the stage while the tribune retracts and hides the chairs behind a wall of wood created by the bleacher itself.

Apart from the innovative point of view of the seating solutions provided in this venue, the level of the finishes has to be taken into account: a big chair like the Space Club upholstered in high quality velvet with outer seat and back plastic shells – also with anti panic writing tablet for the chairs mounted on rails. The tribune is not a common one: folding barriers with plywood inserts, melamine for the side closings & modesty paneles, carpet flooring…

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