The Balenciaga Museum. GUETARIA, SPAIN

The Balenciaga Museum. GUETARIA, SPAIN
17 December, 2014 ASCÉNDER

The Balenciaga Museum is located in Guetaria, the birthplace of the renowned designer Cristobal Balenciaga (1895-1972). The museum became the first in the world to be dedicated entirely to the work of a fashion designer. The museum is housed in a building connected to the Aldamar Palace (s. XIX), the former residence of the grandparents of Queen Fabiola of Belgium and mentors to Balenciaga in his early days. The museum showcases 1,200 donated pieces amassed since the 1980s, featuring donations from avid collectors such as Bunny Mellon, Mona von Bismarck or Hubert de Givenchy‘s.

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