Palais des congrès Charles Aznavour, Montélimar, France

Palais des congrès Charles Aznavour, Montélimar, France
4 September, 2014 ASCÉNDER
Montelimar francia butaca grada telescopica

ASCÉNDER performs another high-flying project in France, on this occasion for the Performing Arts Centre Charles Aznavour. The convention center is named after France’s most famous singer, songwriter, and actor in France with more than 100 million records sold internationally. The design of the building, which was left to the architecture firm Cabinet Z, combines a mixture of verticality and movement. This feeling is also transmitted with the seats provided by ASCÉNDER. The 1,500 Space Max seats in telescopic tribunes provide the hall with the necessary functionality for all types of events. In addition, the front rows are equipped with Matrix detachable and stackable seats and the lateral corridors are equipped with retractable and removable strapontins. The result is a venue with an astonishing aesthetic, extremely functional, and versatile.

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