Our Dafne chair at Kerry Logistics HQ

Our Dafne chair at Kerry Logistics HQ
12 March, 2017 ASCÉNDER

Introducing the Dafne chair with anti panic writing tablet that has been installed at Kerry Logistics  headquarters in Hong Kong: a superb conference venue where every detail has been taken into account. Floors, walls and even lighting are combined in textures and colours for a consistent image. Here we used a chair without exposed screws, concealed fixing to the floor and slow return system for the tipping seat.

Our Dafne model was the chair selected thanks to its straight lines and the particular “couch effect” created by adjacent backs. Note the spectacular upholstery work we did with some Camira fabrics in three different colours – all covers finished with double stitching to show the straight lines of the chair without compromising the fabric with unnecessary tensions.

Dafne Continuos Back

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