Ascénder S.L. is a young, dynamic and versatile company whose 4 founding partners have over 25 years of experience in the fields of design, manufacture and installation of seating for public venues.

The initial guidelines were based on the quality of our creations as well as on the development of innovative designs that would meet the requirements of our customers. However, these one had to be modified in order to comply with our commitment to permanent innovation in the EcoDesign process as well as to the environmental implications of our products during their lifetime and  the prevention of pollution.

We understand the importance quality has in all our company’s processes as well as our decisions to prevent and protect the environment. Subsequently, we assume these issues will also determine the implementation and maintenance of a system of quality management adapted to the size and impact Ascender products have on the environment during their lifetime.

Both quality and environmental strategies are part of our general objectives – being supported by its Managing Director. Thus, these decisions are agreed yearly while being included in particular programs based on the following ideas:

LEADERSHIP OF THE MANAGEMENT BODIES: The Managing Director assumes the Quality & Environmental Policies – all objectives are regularly revised and updated as per the established objectives.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Undoubtedly, our main goal: our service must meet the requirements of the customer while observing the protection of the environment.

COMPROMISE: We must observe the environmental regulation but also prevent pollution, promote the use of sustainable resources and adapt our activities to climate change while not producing waste related with our products.

PREVENTION: In order to avoid inefficiencies, we must control the environmental impact of our activities: decrease the consumption of raw materials and energetic resources required for the manufacture of our products.

TRAINING: We must encourage the involvement of all Ascénder S.L., staff – both for their professional improvement within the company and their relationship with the environment.
The personnel from Ascénder S.L. assumes this policy and is responsible for applying it to his daily work. Meanwhile, the Management of the company will try to improve the environmental policy by allocating the necessary resources as well as sharing with all the different bodies of our organisation. As a result of this, we may state our procedures comply with the regulation   ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 14006:2020

Víctor Garrido Esteban
President of Ascénder S.L.
Ezcaray 5th July 2017